Straight Chillin'

Riley. 18. Oregon. Late nights, just kickin' it.

I don’t even know what to do with all of this built up love inside me for you

I dislike that I can’t come home and relax on my couch and just read a book because if I sit in the living room my roommate will talk AT me for a good 45 minutes straight.
If I want to read in peace I HAVE to be in my room with the door shut.
I feel like a book in your hand should be the universal sign of “Hey, please leave me alone because I am reading.”

Me:if you ever showed up at my parents house to ask for my hand in marriage in a Lester jacket, jeans, and a beanie my dad would slam the door in your face..
B:oh that's okay cause I was planning to do it in sweats.
Me:that's much more like it.
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