Straight Chillin'

Riley. 18. Oregon. Late nights, just kickin' it.



when The Beyhive took Beyoncé’s job👌💕😂 @beyonce


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My dad will always be my number one support and I could ask him for help any time and he would in a heartbeat and I just appreciate it so much more than I will ever be able to express to him.

I find it funny that girls think that if they respond to a guys “hey” text too fast the guy will think their too excited. Naaahh. I think it says “yeah I had my phone in my hand and probably have all day but didn’t text you foo.”

Dude at pro image was tryna chat me up this morning while we were both waiting at our gates to open the stores and then he struggled soooooo hard to open the gate😂

It’s never hurt this bad.
You promised you would talk to me before it got this far.
I’m so hurt yet I would let it happen all over again.
I’m so in love with you yet my heart is shattered and now I’m left here alone to pick up every piece and try to put myself back together again, just like every other time.

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